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locally sourced,
freshly made food

plant-based, organic

Previously located in the Museum of Modern Art We now offer catering and cooking classes  for your public and private events
An experience like no other
Next event:

Vegan X-mas 2023 on the 2nd of December  party organized by the Vegan Society Luxembourg


Image de Nick Fewings

pure. offers a new, sustainable culinary experience. Focusing om seasonal and organic vegetable and fruits from Luxembourg and around.

Aligning our actions with our values, we’re committed to offer a delicious, plant based and sustainable cuisine.


All our dishes are free of dairy products, refined sugars, palm oil. In other words, balanced, healthy, respectful of the seasons and supporting our local economy.

on the plate.

Due to challenges arising for the future generations, we believe that the future of food is seasonal, local, organic and plant based.


For you, for them, for us.

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